This in sequential order list contains a ton of elusive telephone quantities of PC and Web Related stuff. This is an essential unpleasant rundown which I’ll attempt to occasionally refresh. It’s noticeably flawed as I’m certain I forgotten about a lot of organizations and all the telephone numbers are US telephone numbers except for TuCows, which is a Canadian number and Logitech’s controller number (They rule!). You might have to put a “1” before the Complementary numbers where material. I attempted to give client care contact numbers however much as could be expected and utilized the most recent 고객센터 전화번호 telephone numbers I could find:

Acer (for note pads) 800-816-2237 (for Yearn) 800-938-2237

Amazon Backing 866-216-1072

Amazon MP3 Backing 888-802-3083

Amazon Partners 701-787-9740


USA and Canada: 800-827-3338

High velocity Broadband Help: 888-849-3200

Charging: 888-265-8003

Abrogation: 888-265-8008

Apple 800-APL-CARE

ATI 905-882-2626

Buy.Com – 800-800-0800

Standard 800-alright Group

CNET 1-800-616-CNET

Compaq (Part of HP) 800-652-6672

Dell 1-800-624-9896

Ebay 800-322-9266 888-749-3229

ESET (Gesture 32) Specialized 619-876-5400, press 3 Complementary. 866-343-ESET 3738

EPSON (Spot Grid Printers) 562-276-4350 (Laserjet Printers) 562-276-4382

Passage 800-846-2301

Godaddy 480-505-8877

Google Base camp 650-253-0000

Google Ann Arbor 734-332-6500

Google Atlanta 404-487-9000

Google Rock 303-245-0086

Google Cambridge 617-575-1300

Google Chicago 312-840-4100

Google Coppell 214-451-4000

Google Dallas 214-559-5400

Google Denver 303-524-1123

Google Detroit 248-593-4000

Google Irvine 949-794-1600

Google Kirkland 425-739-5600

Google New York 212-565-0000

Google Phoenix 480-384-1000

Google Pittsburgh 412-297-5400

Google San Francisco 415-736-0000

Google St Nick Monica 310-460-4000

Google Seattle 206-876-1500 206-876-1800

Google Washington DC 202-346-110

HP (Hewlett-Packard possesses Compaq) 800-474-6836


Linksys 800-326-7114


Corporate 510-795-8500

Charging 888-863-8312

Shopper Deals 800-231-7717

Online Orders 800-884-9480

Controllers (Canada) 1-905-273-4571 Primary

Memory Store 877-ADD-RAM9